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Advanced Data Structures

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About This Course

A graduate course in Computer Applications should give due exposure to the recent developments. Since Data structures is a central pillar of any program on Computer Science/ Applications, this course is designed to build upon the knowledge acquired at the undergraduate level and familiarise students with a bunch of modern data structures which are quite useful to solve, in the most effective manner, the modern, real life problems.

After the completion of the course the student will be able to

CO 1 Remember the Basic Data Structures and understand the Set Data Structure and its implementation.
CO 2 Understand Advanced Tree Structures for the design of efficient algorithms
CO 3 Understand Advanced Heap Structures suitable for solving Computational problems involving Optimisation and analysing these data structures using amortised analysis.
CO 4 Understand Advanced Graph algorithms suitable for solving advanced computational problems
CO 5 Understand the basic operation of Blockchaining along with the data structures used in it and the challenges in Blockchain data.


Basic Data Structures .

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