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Web Programming

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About This Course

  • To understand the concepts of the World Wide Web
  • To understand and practice markup languages
  • To understand and practice embedded dynamic scripting on client side Internet Programming
  • To understand and practice web development techniques on client-side
  • To understand and practice server-side scripting


Introduction To Web - Internetworking - Working with TCP/IP - Client/Server concepts - World Wide Web - Components of Web Application - Types of Web Content - Application Servers - Web Security.

UI DESIGN - Markup Language: Introduction to HTML5 - Cascading Style Sheet: Introduction to CSS3.

Client - Scripting using JAVASCRIPT - Introduction to Javascript - Document Object Model - Event Handling - Controlling Windows & Frames and Documents - Browser Management and Media Management - Object-Oriented Techniques in JavaScript - JQuery.

Server – Scripting using PHP - Introduction to PHP - Programming basics - Reading Data in Web Pages - Embedding PHP within HTML - Establishing connectivity with MySQL database.

Course Staff

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Rose Mary Mathew

Mrs.Rose Mary Mathew received her Master’s Degree in Computer Applications from Mahatma Gandhi University and gained MBA from Bharathiyar University . She has more than 10 years of teaching experience. She has been serving FISAT as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Applications since September 2015. During this period of time, she has taught various subjects including Machine Learning,Python Programming, PHP Programming, Applied Probability and Statistics, Java and Web Programming, Database Management Systems , Advanced Database Systems , Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, R Programming, Artificial Intelligence