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Water Resources Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Water Resources Engineering is a core course offered in the fifth semester Civil Engineering program under KTU. This course will help the students to impart the knowledge regarding the availability of water on hydrosphere, its distribution, and quantification, scientific methods for computing irrigation water requirements and fundamentals of the reservoir and river engineering.

After the Course the Student will be able to:

CE 309.1: To explain the hydrologic cycle and estimate its different components

CE 309.2:To determine crop water requirements for the design of irrigation systems

CE 309.3:To compute the yield of aquifers and wells

CE 309.4:To define and to estimate the storage capacity, yield and useful life of reservoirs

CE 309.5:To explain the flow through water bodies and to describe the various river training works


Basic knowledge on fluid mechanics.


Hydrologic cycle, Precipitation, Infiltration and Evaporation-measurement and data analysis. Runoff-components and computation, Hydrograph, Unit Hydrograph and S-Hydrograph. Irrigation types and methods-Soil water plant relationships, Frequency of irrigation, Computation of crop water requirement. Stream flow measurement -Stage-discharge curve. Meandering of rivers, river training works. Surface water systems: diversion and storage systems, reservoir - estimation of storage capacity and yield of reservoirs - reservoir sedimentation -useful life of reservoir. Groundwater - Aquifer types and properties - Steady radial flow into a well. Estimation of yield of an open well

Download detailed Syllabus(pdf)

Course staff

Course Staff Image #1

Lidiya P M

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

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