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Environmental Engineering I

Department of Civil Engineering
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Environmental Engineering I is an Undergraduate Course for Semester VII. This course enables the students to study the significance of water resources and the factors affecting the quality and quantity of water. Various types of treatment techniques adopted for a public water supply system is also discussed.

Through this course students will be aware of the various pollutants affecting water quality and also about the different treatment units available in a water treatment plant and their design procedures


Basic knowledge on Fluid Mechanics

Course Outcomes

After the completion of course, student will be able to

CO1-To make use of statistical tools to forecast population and to relate its effect on water demand in a community

CO2-To compare the different types of Intakes used for collection of water and to interpret the water quality with respect to BIS standards

CO3-To design Sedimentation Tanks by selecting appropriate conditions where coagulants are to be utilized for settling

CO4-To identify the suitability of type of Filter and design slow and rapid sand filter based upon varying hydraulic load

CO5-To identify suitable Disinfection methods prior to disinfection

CO6-To identify the type of Pipe Networks and analysis of Pipe Networks for quantity of water and pressure in individual pipes

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Ms Rajalakshmi TR

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Course Staff Image #2

Ms Anu Roy

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

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