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Environmental Engineering Lab

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Analysis of Water and Wastewater - Public Health and Engineering

The major purpose of the course is to equip the students perform analysis of water and wastewater samples. The lab serves the purpose of monitoring the water quality of drinking water supplies, thereby help upkeep public health. It ensures that the role of civil engineers is high when it comes to operation of water supply schemes and wastewater or effluent treatment plants. The application of laws of chemistry and physics and utilzation of precision grade equipment makes this stream highly multidisciplinary and expose a civil engineer to areas unexplored. The heightened sense of ethics and duty towards health and upkeep of wholesome life of populace would make a better person out of a civil engineer.


Student should have attended the Engineering Chemistry Lab (CY110). Student should have an understanding of titration procedures, basics of nephlometry and spectrophotometry.

Download Detailed Syllabus (pdf)


Course Staff Image #1

Jawahar Saud S

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Course Staff Image #2

Anna Rose Varghese

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

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