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Geoenvironmental Engineering

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About This Course

The course Geo Environmental Engineering is an Elective offered to Semester 7, Civil Engineering students. Geo-Environmental Engineering is concerned with engineering solutions relating to environmental impacts of contaminants within soils, and includes such aspects as understanding the migration, interactions and fate of contaminants, the protection of uncontaminated regions, the remediation or clean up of contaminated sites. It requires an understanding and knowledge of the relevant principles of chemistry, biology and physics, types of contaminants, geosynthetic and other barriers and containment systems, regulatory requirements and site remediation technologies. It entails site investigation, sampling approaches and methods, modelling, assessments, treatment and control strategies.

Course Objectives

1. To create a awareness in the field of Geo-Environmental Engineering.

2.To impart the knowledge on Geotechnical aspects in the disposal of waste materials and the remediation of contaminated sites.

3.To familiarise design of landfill and know the effect of change in environment on soil properties.


Basic knowledge on chemistry, biology and physics and concepts in Geotechnical Engineering.

Course Staff

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Panjami K

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