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Environmental Impact Assessment

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About This Course

The course Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) is an Elective offered to Semester 7, Civil Engineering students. It deals with the Environmental Impact Assessment process. EIA is a preventative measure to ensure environmental protection during a development project. Environmental problems like pollution, loss of biodiversity, climate change etc is looked at from the perspective of development and evaluated to understand the human, environment and economic cost involved. This is used for informed decision making and project planning. The course will help you gain understanding of the EIA process and its signficance in mitigation and control of environmental issue and its impacts.


Basic knowledge of Environmental Science and Sustainability is expected.

Go through the COURSE INTRODUCTION VIDEO at top right corner or WEBINAR on EIA Process as a precurser to the course.

Course Staff

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Ms Neeraja N

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

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Students who have indicated preference for EIA as their elective may enroll in the course. For further details, contact your Department or Group Advisor.

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