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Geotechnical Engineering II

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Geotechnical Engineering II is a course offered under the B.Tech Civil Engineering Program. This is a course which gives in-depth knowledge about the basic concepts and theories of foundation engineering.

The basic objectives of the course are:

1. To impart to the students, in-depth knowledge about the basic concepts and theories of foundation engineering

2. To enable the students to acquire proper knowledge about various methods of foundation analysis for different practical situations


Stresses in subsoil due to loaded areas of various shapes, Boussinesqâ's formula, Newmarks chart, Lateral earth pressure, Rankineâ's and Coulombâ's theories, Influence of surcharge, inclined backfill, water table and layering, Terzaghiâs bearing capacity theory for isolated footings, Local and general shear failure, Total and differential settlements, soil improvement techniques, combined footings, raft foundations, well foundation, Problems encountered in well sinking, Pile foundations, Bearing capacity of single pile static and dynamic formulae, Capacity of Pile groups, Machine foundation, Methods of vibration isolation, site investigation, Guidelines for choosing spacing and depth of borings, boring methods, Standard Penetration Test.

Course Staff

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Anna Rose Varghese