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Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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This course aims to
(1) equip the students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of electrical engineering
(2) provide an overview of evolution of electronics, and introduce the working principle and examples of fundamental electronic devices and circuits
(3) provide an overview of evolution of communication systems, and introduce the basic concepts in radio communication.


Physics and Mathematics (Pre-university level)

End Semester Examination Pattern:

There will be two parts; Part I – Basic Electrical Engineering and Part II – Basic Electronics Engineering. Part I and PART II carries 50 marks each. For the end semester examination, part I contain 2 parts - Part A and Part B. Part A contain 5 questions carrying 4 marks each (not exceeding 2 questions from each module). Part B contains 2 questions from each module out of which one to be answered. Each question carries 10 mark and can have maximum 2 subdivisions. The pattern for end semester examination for part II is same as that of part I. However, student should answer both part I and part 2 in separate answer booklets.

Course Staff

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Gayathri I K

Mrs. Gayathri I. K completed her B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from College of Engineering Attingal, Thiruvananthapuram and M.Tech in Communication Engineering from FISAT. She joined as Assistant Professor in FISAT on 6th August 2014. Over a period of time, she has taught various subjects including Communication Engineering, Analog Circuits I, TV & Radar Engineering and Adaptive Signal Processing.

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