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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

Department of Civil Engineering
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About This Course

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics is an Undergraduate Course for Semester III. Here the students will get exposure to the fundamental concepts of fluid mechanics,hydraulics of pipes and open channels and to enhance the problem solving skills. The concepts learned will help in applying them for the design of hydraulic structures and to real world fluid flow problems.


Basic knowledge on Elementary mathematics and concepts in engineering mechanics

Course Outcomes

After the Succesfull completion of the course the Student will be able to

CO1 - Recall the relevant principles of hydrostatics and hydraulics of pipes and open channels

CO2 - Identify or describe the type, characteristics or properties of fluid flow

CO3 - Estimate the fluid pressure, perform the stability check of bodies under hydrostatic condition

CO4 - Compute discharge through pipes or estimate the forces on pipe bends by applying hydraulic principles of continuity, energy and/or momentum

CO5 - Analyze or compute the flow through open channels, perform the design of prismatic channels

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Ms Rinu J Achison

Assistant Professor, Senior Grade, Department of Civil Engineering

Course Staff Image #2

Ms Anu Roy

Assistant Professor,Department of Civil Engineering

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