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Application Software Development Laboratory

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About This Course

A database management system (DBMS) is computer application software that provides a way to manage data. The requirement of modern days is to have an automated system that manages, modifies and updates data accurately. This is achieved by a DBMS in robust, correct and non redundant way. DBMS lab aims at practicing and achieving this aim by using various software’s such as SQL, ORACLE etc. All these require a thorough practice of various DDl, DCL and DML queries.


Topics covered under the course CS208 - Principles of Database Design

Course Outcomes


Explain DML/DDL commands in SQL.


Implement integrity constraints on a database using RDBMS


Use various functions, clauses, set operators, nested queries and join operations in SQL


Implement control structures, procedures, functions and packages in PL/SQL


Use cursors and triggers in database


Integrate database in application software using JDBC connectivity

Course Staff

#Soumya S Raj

Assistant Professor
CSE Department

#Preethi N. P.

Assistant Professor
CSE Department

Lab Instructor

Varun P.

Lab Instructor
CSE Department

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