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About the Course

    Introduction to bioinformatics and molecular biology: Databases tools and their uses, Data searches and Pairwise Alignments, Multiple Sequence Alignments, Molecular Phylogenetic, Genomics and Gene Recognition,
    It also gives an overview about the Protein and RNA structure Prediction..

Course Objectives:

To introduce concepts and data representations in bioinformatics.

To introduce fundamentals of Sequence alignment and Gene Recognition

To discuss predictive methods using DNA and Protein Sequences

Expected Outcome:

The Students will

    CS465.1 Explain the basics theories and concepts of molecular biology and bio sequences associated with it, biological databases, algorithms for sequence alignments, scoring matrices, phylogenetic trees, understand the method of deriving amino acid sequences from RNA sequence, Hidden Markov Model, Gene expression in prokariotes and eukaryotes.
    CS465.2 Explain different types of biological sequences, differentiate different types of biological databases, compare multiple sequence alignment, differentiate distance and similarity matrix, choose methods for phylogenetic analysis, Explain applications with HMM, Describe gene expressions, decide energy minimization method for RNA and protein structure.
    CS465.3 Use Multiple sequences compute scoring matrices.
    CS465.4 Identify problems and arriving at solutions as biologists and as computer scientists.
    CS465.5 Compute phylogenetic trees and gene density
    CS465.6 Apply algorithms like Zuker, Nussinov for the structure prediction of RNA and Protein.

Course Faculty

Dr.Prasad J C

Department of CSE,