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Data Structures Laboratory

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About This Course

The aim of the Course is to give hands-on experience for Learners on creating and using different Data Structures. Data Structures are used to process data and arrange data in different formats for many applications. The most commonly performed operations on data structures are traversing, searching, inserting, deleting and few special operations like merging and sorting.


Topics covered under the course Programming in C (EST 102)

Course Outcomes


Write a time/space efficient program using arrays/linked lists/trees/graphs to provide necessary functionalities meeting a given set of user requirements (Cognitive Knowledge Level: Analyse)


Write a time/space efficient program to sort a list of records based on a given key in the record (Cognitive Knowledge Level: Apply)


Examine a given Data Structure to determine its space complexity and time complexities of operations on it (Cognitive Knowledge Level: Apply)


Design and implement an efficient data structure to represent given data (Cognitive Knowledge Level: Apply)


Write a time/space efficient program to convert an arithmetic expression from one notation to another (Cognitive Knowledge Level: Apply)


Write a program using linked lists to simulate Memory Allocation and Garbage Collection (Cognitive Knowledge Level: Apply)

Course Staff

#Soumya S Raj

Assistant Professor
CSE Department

#Shimy Joseph

Assistant Professor(Senior Grade)
CSE Department

Lab Instructor

Neeba Cheriyachan

Lab Instructor
CSE Department

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