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About This Course

The objectives of the course are

1.To develop a conceptual basis of electrostatics, magnetostatics, electromagnetic waves

2. To understand various engineering applications of electromagnetics.


Download Detailed Syllabus(pdf)

Course Outcomes

1. Analyze fields and potentials due to static charges

2. Explain the physical meaning of the differential equations for electrostatic and magnetic fields

3. Understand how materials are affected by electric and magnetic fields

4. Understand the relation between the fields under time varying situations

5. Understand principles of propagation of uniform plane waves.

6. Be aware of electromagnetic interference and compatibility.


The prerequsite for the course is the fundamental knowledge in EE100 Basics of Electrical Engineering.

Course Staff

Ms.Rosemin Parackal

Assistant Professor, Department of EEE

Text Books

1. Nannapeni Narayana Rao, “Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics”, Prentice Hall India.

2. Sadiku M. N. O, Elements of Electromagnetics, Oxford university Press, 2010


1.Gangadhar K. A. and P. M. Ramanathan , Electromagnetic field theory , Khanna Publishers, 2009.4

2. Cheng D. K., Field and Wave Electromagnetic, Pearson Education, 2013

3. Edminister J. A., Electromagnetics, Schaum Outline Series , Tata McGraw-Hill, 2006

Who should join

Sixth Semester B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students- 2018 Admission year.