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New And Renewable Energy Systems

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About This Course

Renewable Technologies are considered as clean sources of energy which are sustainable based on current as well as future economic, social and societal needs. The optimal use of these resources guarantee energy security. This Course helps to get an overview of promising new and renewable energy technologies, different energy conversion systems and their applications. Students will be familiarised to design and analyse performance of small and isolated renewable energy sources in this course. At the end of this course, students will be equipped to work in small research projects related to renewable energy .


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Course Outcomes

1. Understand and compare different types of energy resources and the necessity of energy storage

2. Explain the field applications of solar energy

3. Explain working of Solar PV systems and their applications

4. Identify Wind energy as alternate form of energy and to know how it can be tapped

5. Explain working and classification of tidal power plants and OTEC systems

6. Explain bio gas generation and its impact on environment


Fundamental Knowledge in Electrical Engineering

Course Staff

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Asst.Professor,EEE Department

Text Books

1. G.D.Rai, Non Conventional Energy Sources,Khanna Publishers

2. Sawhney G. S., Non Conventional Energy Re sources, PHI Learning, 2012..

3.G.N. Tiwari: Solar Energy Fundamentals, Design, Modelling and Application s, Narosa Publishers, 2002

4.D.P.Kothari,Renewable Energy Sources and Emerging Technologies,PHI Learning


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Who should join

Fifth Semester B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students- 2018 Admission year.