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Distributed Generation and Smart Grids

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About This Course

With increasing energy demand, distributed generation and Smartgrid is an increasingly viable and used option, and is currently a reality all over the world.The changes in the structure of the use of energy resources and the growth in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources strongly confirms the fact that global energy is on the verge of spectacular changes. The irreversibility of the transition to the next technological structure is also due to the fact that the increasing depreciation of fixed assets in the energy sector, distributed energy resources are dynamically developing, the demand for energy is growing and the pattern of consumer behaviour gradually begins to change.This subject will give a conceptual introduction to various distributed generation systems, micro grids, smart grids and their control.


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Course Outcomes

1. Describe the concepts of distributed generation ,smart grids and microgrids

2. Outline different distributed energy resources and control of microgrid

3. Describe the coordinated operation of smart grid and the use of smartmeters

4. Acquire knowledge on energy storage devices in smartgrid

5. Analyze the performance of smartgrid and smart substation

6. Describe power quality aspects with smart grid

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Ms.Rinku Scaria

Assistant Professor,Department of EEE

Text Books/References

1. James Momoh, "Smart Grid: Fundamentals of Design and Analysis",Wiley

2. S.Chowdhury,SPChowdhury and P.Crossley, "Microgrids and Active DistributionNetworks",IET

3. N.Jenkins,JB Ekanayake ,G Starbac , "Distributed Generation",Wiley

4. Math Bollen and Fainan Hassan,"Integration of distributed generation in the power system"

5. Janaka Ekanayake,Kithsiri Liyanage,"Smart grid technology and applications",Wiley

Who should join

Seventh Semester B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students-2017 Admission year.