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Electrical Machine Design

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About This Course

This course deals with basic design principles of electrical machines including DC machines, Transformers Induction machines and Synchronous machines. The course covers the design of electrical machine parameters such as main dimensions, magnetic and electric loading, number of slots, winding dimensions. Thermal and magnetic circuit design of electric machines will be also covered. The students will be familiarised with the Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines and FEA softwares.

Course Outcomes

EE409.1 Calculate the various magnetic circuit parameters of electrical machines and to explain their concepts.

EE409.2 Explain the different concepts of heating of electrical machines, cooling methods and enclosures of electrical machines and to perform the calculation of temperature rise.

EE409.3 Perform the complete design of single phase and 3 phase transformers,dc machines, induction machines and synchronous machines.

EE409.4 Explain the various design parameters of electrical machines and the factors to be considered while selecting them.

EE409.5 Illustrate the concept of output equations for various electrical machines and to solve numerical problems.

EE409.6 Explain the different techniques of computer aided design and finite element method.


EE202 Synchronous and Induction Machines

EE205 DC Machines and Transformers

Course Staff

Jyothi G K

Jyothi G K

Assistant Professor, Department of EEE

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