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Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

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About This Course

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles is an elective course offered under the B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering program.

The basic objective of the course is:

1. To present a comprehensive overview of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles


Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Conventional Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Drive-trains,Electric Propulsion unit, Configuration and control of DC Motor drives, Induction Motor drives,Permanent Magnet Motor drives, switched reluctance motor, Energy Storage Requirements in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles,Sizing the drive system, Design of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle , Energy Management Strategies.

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Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Veena Wilson

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Course Outcomes

EE 469.1 Explain the fundamentals of conventional,electric and hybrid electric vehicles

EE 469.2 Describe different configurations of hybrid electric vehicles

EE 469.3 Develop basic schemes of electric vehicles and size the components

EE 469.4 Analyse various electric drive suitable for electric and hybrid electric vehicles

EE 469.5 Choose proper energy storage systems and their technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles

EE 469.6 Explain various communication protocols and control technologies used in vehicle networks

Text Books

1. Iqbal Hussein, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Design Fundamentals, CRC Press, 2003


1. James Larminie, John Lowry, Electric Vehicle Technology Explained, Wiley, 2003.

2. Mehrdad Ehsani, YimiGao, Sebastian E. Gay, Ali Emadi, Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Fundamentals, Theory and Design, CRC Press, 2004.

Who should join

Seventh Semester B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering Students - 2017 Admission year