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Partial Differential equations And Complex Analysis

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About This Course

This course introduces basic ideas of partial differential equations which are widely used in the modelling and analysis of a wide range of physical phenomena and has got application across all branches of engineering. To understand the basic theory of functions of a complex variable, residue integration and conformal transformation

To understand the basic theory of function of a complex variable,residue integration and conformal transformation

Requirements: Partial Differentiation, Integration and concept of complex numbers

Course Staff

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ASSISTANT PROFESSOR(SENIOR GRADE),Dept.of Science and humanities

Mr. Antu.P. J. completed his M.Sc. in Mathematics from Mar Athanasious. College of Arts and Science, Kothamangalam in 1989. He joined in Nirmala College Chalakudy ( Off- Campus) and worked there for one year. He worked as guest faculty at various institutions from 1991-2001. He has been working as a regular faculty of Mathematics in the Department of Science and Humanities since 2002. He is a Life Member of Kerala Mathematical Association (KMA) and Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE).

course outcome

After the completion of the course the student will be able to

CO1 Understand the concept and the solution of partial differential equation
CO2 Analyse and solve one dimensional wave equation and heat equation
CO3 Understand complex functions, its continuity differentiability with the use of Cauchy-Riemann equations
CO4 Evaluate complex integrals using Cauchy’s integral theorem and Cauchy’s integral formula, understand the series expansion of analytic function
CO5 Understand the series expansion of complex function about a singularity and Apply residue theorem to compute several kinds of real integrals