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Sustainable Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Technology and Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable engineering helps design or operate systems such that energy and resources are utilized sustainably and effeciently. Sustainability is a concept envisages the natural environment not being compromised and/or the ability of future generations meeting their own needs is not being affected.

Purpose of the course will be to impart awarness among students about the environmental isssues, global initiatives, role of United Nations, role of developed countries for transfer of technologies, role of envriomental management system in industries so as to attain sustainability. The course would also give an insight into the alternate sources of energy so as to help mitigate the global scenario of climate change The course will also help the student understand the potential of technology in sustainable practices.

Download Detailed Syllabus (pdf)


Students should be aware about issues of pollution, climate change, non renewable sources of energy


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Jawahar Saud S.

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

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