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Cryogenic Engineering

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About This Course

Cryogenics. The branches of engineering that involve the study of very low temperatures, how to produce them, and how materials behave at those temperatures. There are several applications of cryogenics. It is used to produce cryogenic fuels for rockets, The strong electromagnetic fields needed for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR),Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Cryogenic freezing of food, Recycling of rubber like materials and long preservations of blood, tissue like biological materials etc.. The purpose of this course is to give introductory knowledge of cryogenic engineering. This course will be a steppingstone to those peoples who are fascinated about low temperature physics.

This course provides a broad introduction to production of cryogenic temperature and phenomena under this environment. Topics includes Introduction to Cryogenics, Applications of Cryogenics, Properties of materials at cryogenic temperature, Liquefaction systems, Gas liquefaction systems, Cryogenic Refrigeration systems, Cryogenic fluid storage and transfer systems, Cryogenic instrumentation, heat exchangers used in cryogenic systems


Thermodynamics, Heat transfer and knowledge in differential and integral calculus

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