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Electrical Drives & Control For Automation

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The objectives of the course are

1.To understand the basic concepts of different types of electrical machines and their performance.

2. To know the different methods of starting D.C motors and induction motors.

3. To introduce the controllers for automation.


Download Detailed Syllabus(pdf)

Course Outcomes

1. Explain the basic concepts of different types of dc generators and their performance

2. Evaluate the performance of different dc motors and their starting methods

3. Discuss electrical and mechanical characteristics of different motors

4. Analyze the performance of transformer and induction motor

5. Explain about Constant voltage and Instrument transformers

6. Compare types of stepper motors and their control, introduce and choose the controllers for automation


The prerequsite for the course is the fundamental knowledge in EE100 Basics of Electrical Engineering.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Ms.Rosemin Parackal

Assistant Professor, Department of EEE

Course Staff Image #2

Ms.Surya Susan Alex

Assistant Professor, Department of EEE

Text Books

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Who should join

Fifth Semester B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Students- 2018 Admission year.